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Don't Litter!

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Our earth is getting ruined little by little because we keep littering.

We have to stop. If we litter it could get into lakes and oceans, hurt the environment, or make things look bad.

I strongly believe we shouldn’t litter.

One reason why littering needs to stop is that it can get into lakes. Lakes are important. They supply some of our drinking water.

On my street there are gutters that say “No dumping. Leads to creek.” Eventually, a creek widens to a stream. A stream leads to a lake. So, if you get garbage into a gutter like the ones on my street you could put one more piece of garbage into a lake.

There are other ways for garbage to end up in lakes too. For example, the wind could take it there.

Imagine that you are near a lake. You see the blue water glistening in the sun. A cloudless sky stands above. Suddenly, a piece of litter falls from the sky.

Litter doesn’t only put bad things into lakes, it also harms things that live in it. Fish could eat or get trapped in garbage. Litter also makes a big impact on the ocean. There it could do damage to coral reefs and cause sea creatures to die.

The next reason why we shouldn’t litter is that litter is bad for the environment. If we litter all over the earth, plants could die.

If you had lots of litter on your street you would just see things getting worse, not better. So why litter if it hurts the planet?

Animals could step on the garbage or eat it. We could get hurt by it or not want to be near it.

Even the person who litters could have these problems.

Finally, we shouldn’t litter because it makes things look bad. Pretend you are a super clean person. One day a pile of trash flies into your yard. You wouldn’t like it and you would think it looked messy. It could happen to ANYONE.

I also took a poll. 12 out of 12 people said that they didn’t want litter near where they live.

As you can see, littering has lots of bad things following it. Our world needs people who stop littering and help other people stop. Please take care of the earth by not littering.



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