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The Sausage Take Over!

Updated: May 23, 2023

“Night Mom,” Matty called. He hopped into bed and stared at the setting sun out of his window. Matty drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, he woke up to sunlight streaming into his bedroom. As he was getting changed, Matty heard a thump outside his window. That’s weird, he thought. As he made his way over he saw hundreds of sausages falling from the sky. Matty gasped.

He burst out of his bedroom door, grabbed his coat, and ran outside. “Wait!” called his mother. But Matty was already racing down the busy streets.

Outside it was complete chaos. People were yelling and trying to avoid the falling sausages. Matty was caught in the sea of people. All he was trying to do was go to the library! To see what this was. To see if there were books on this. But no. All these people were trying to go to work or school. Matty knew he had to help them!

A gust of wind pushed him down the street. He tightened his grip on the handle. Matty’s hands stung from holding so hard.

It was time for action. Sausages fell around Matty, as he used the umbrella to shield other people.

Matty gasped as he lunged for another person that was about to be hit with a sausage. Then he noticed something coming for him! It was the biggest, plumpest, reddest sausage.

Matty stumbled backward. His breath quickened. He stood up and grabbed the umbrella. His fingers were burning with strength.

“Ahh!” Matty screamed. He ran as hard, as fast, as he could. Matty flung the umbrella at the sausage. It hit. The umbrella clanged to the floor. Matty sprinted to get it. As he grabbed hold of the handle, Matty ran backwards. The sausage flung itself toward Matty. It was coming for his face! Matty knew he had to do something, or else he would get hit!

He ducked just in time. The sausage sailed over his head and banged into the brick wall of the Italian restrant across the street.

“Oh! Sausage!” the restaurant owner exclaimed. He grabbed the big, thick, red sausage and put it in a pot of boiling water. “We’re going to have you as a special tonight,” the owner mumbled.

But the sausages were still falling! And it looked like they were coming from a huge spaceship! "Ugh!" Matty groaned slapping himself. He closed his eyes. But he opened them just in time to see somebody hurling himself forward. With a loud bang, Matty was on the floor. His muscles ached and heaved. He just wanted to sleep. His eyelids started to get heavy. He let them take over.

A loud clang scared Matty out of his drowsiness. Everything hurt. It felt like needles were poking every part of his body. He groaned in pain. But then he noticed the big metal figure looming over everything. Reality hit. Matty pushed himself up even though his legs screamed in pain, and prepared to fight.

He saw a little boy holding a jump rope and gently asked him if he could use it. "Yes," the boy responded. "Thank you," Matty said. Matty ran around two poles and tied one end of the jump rope on each of them. He gasped for breath as he slid across the pavement after tying both poles. Yes! his mind screamed as the spaceship collided with the rope. The jumping rope came off on one end of the poles and reared up. It hit the windshield of the spaceship, but nothing happened.

10 minutes later, Matty realized that fighting wasn't going to help. As he struck the jump rope again and again, he suddenly remembered the saying that the pen was mightier than the sword.

Matty knew what he had to do. He walked over to the spaceship and put his hand on the hot metal. Matty's heart was practically pounding out of his chest. he tried to send brain waves that said to stop. It said to please be kind to humans. It said to turn away. Matty guessed it worked, because in a sudden lurch, Matty's hand was disconnected from the spaceship.

The last sausage fell from the sky.


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