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The Candy Record

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Curtis Mill dropped a tangle of gummy worms into his mouth. He and his friend Matt were trying to eat as much candy as they could to make a world record. Matt shoved a jawbreaker into his mouth and crunched loudly. Curtis reached into a bag of jolly ranchers and unwrapped one. “Whoo,” Matt said, his mouth full. “I’m already getting sick of candy and it’s only 5 minutes in!” “Well, we gotta keep eating. Take this challenge head on,” Curtis said back. “Well, at least can I have some water?” Matt asked. “Go ahead,” Curtis said. Matt poured himself a glass and went back to swallowing Skittles.

A few hours later, all they had left were a few fruit rolls. “Ugh, groaned Matt. He staggered over to the clock. 12. Curtis flopped himself onto the couch. “How about an ice cream sundae?” he asked Matt. “Nooo!” Matt yelled collapsing onto the floor. Curtis stifled a laugh. “I’m so full, I can’t eat a crumb!” Matt said from the ground, “Do you think we ate enough candy?” “I don’t know,” Curtis said, “We have to make sure our record is hard to beat.” “I don’t know if I can eat even a little more if I tried,” Matt said. “Can’t say the same about me! My tummy is made of steel!” Curtis cried, pulling himself to the ground next to Matt. “Dude!” Matt yelled, and they both cracked up.

As their giggles faded, silence began to take over. Curtis twisted his head around to see Matt pushing himself from the ground.

“Our parents!” He said, frantically wringing his hands, “If they figure out about this candy then we’re toast!” “They’re gonna spread butter and jam on us and eat us for lunch!” Curtis joked. “Stop! This is serious! What are we gonna do?” Matt yelled. His face was white. “Dude, there’s nothing to worry about! If your parents ask what we were doing, just say we watched a movie or something. No need to stress out,” Curtis said calmly. Suddenly, the faint sound of footsteps echoed from behind the closed apartment door. Matt froze. A whisper slipped from Curtis's lips. "Hide the fruit rolls."

When Matt didn’t move, Curtis ran to the table. His hands were trembling with fear. Come on! Come on! He unzipped the backpack that Matt had brought with him and stuffed them inside. Curtis's legs felt like jelly. He collapsed onto the couch. “Act like nothing happened,” he whispered through clenched teeth. He tugged Matt onto the couch with him and wrapped a blanket around them. “We’re watching a movie” he whispered to Matt, who had gotten over his shock. Curtis began pushing buttons quickly on the remote and turned on the first movie he saw. The intro to Tarzan began playing loudly. It was just in the nick of time. Mrs. Mill walked into the house. She was holding a giant watermelon.

“Oh, hey Matt!” she said, “You’re welcome to stay for dinner tonight!” “Oh! Uh, sure!” Matt laughed nervously. “Great! I’ll text your mom about it, but I’m sure she’ll say yes!” Ms. Mill said taking out a cutting board. “Thanks!” Matt said. “No problem!” Ms. Mill said while cutting cubes of watermelon, “We’re having grilled cheese for dinner! Hope you like it!” “Mo-om!” Curtis complained, “We can’t have grilled cheese! Come on, we’re twelve!” “Fine, shrimp and veggies, if that’s what you want.” “Oh, about that… Grilled cheese is fine,” Curtis said quickly. “Good,” Ms. Mill said. She slid the watermelon into a Tupperware. “Go play while I make the sandwiches.” “Okay!” Curtis said, hopping off of the chair he was sitting in. As he and Matt walked down the hall toward the living room Matt asked “You think we’re gonna break the record?” “Honestly, I don’t,” Curtis replied.

“I haven’t told you this, but I never thought we would,” Matt said. “I kinda just wanted to be a kid again, you know? That’s why I requested this challenge. So we could eat candy and have fun.” “That’s why I declined shrimp and veggies,” Curtis said. “That’s why right exactly now I feel like playing with Legos,” Matt said back. “Then let’s go!” Curtis said excitedly. And they hurried down the hall together.


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