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The Burrito

Updated: May 23, 2023

Monica sat in the school lunchroom with her best friend Mary. She was munching on a bean and cheese burrito. The chatter of students rang out. “Hey,” said Mary, “Have you ever heard of the Best Burrito?” “No,” said Monica, “What is it?” “Well, legend has it that deep in the forest of Rockwood there is a burrito made of the finest ingredients,” said Mary. “It sits in a glass dome… underground”

Just then, the bell rang. As Monica was cleaning up her stuff, her mind drifted to the burrito. How would she figure out where to dig for the burrito? Where was it in the forest? Monica had so many questions but she didn’t know too correctly state them. She was going to have to find the burrito herself! And yet she didn’t know what she would find.

That day, once Monica got home from school, she searched the Best Burrito on her computer. It said:

The Best Burrito is a burrito

that lies in the forest of

Rockwood. It is chicken and

cheese and is made out of

the finest ingredients. It lies

in the Target Circle.

The clue made no sense to Monica. The Target Circle? What was that? But burritos were Monica’s favorite food. She loved them. Monica knew she was going to have to get this one quickly before anyone else found it. And in order to do that, she had to sneak out.

Monica hated sneaking out. It made her uncomfortable. But she had to do this.

That night when everyone was asleep, Monica pulled her knapsack out from under her bed. She had packed it earlier that night. It had water, a scarf, and a flashlight. Monica slipped it over her head. She crept out of her bedroom. She heard snoring coming from her parent’s bedroom. That was good. She didn’t want to have to deal with them.

Monica got to the front door and unlocked it. Once she got outside, she realized it was colder than usual. The moon was full over her head. Monica walked through the frozen grass. She grabbed her bike and hopped on.

As she whizzed through the silent night, everything was a blur. The houses, cars, trees. Soon, Monica came to Rockwood. The trees at the end of the forest acted as a giant wall as if to say “Don’t go into Rockwood.” But Monica knew she had to. For the burrito.

As soon as she walked into the forest, the air became colder. The world became darker. Wind whistled past Monica. She was starting to wonder if this wasn’t such a good idea. Part of her was saying “We have plenty of burritos at home.” The other part was saying “But this is the Best Burrito.” Monica decided to listen to the second side.

She wrapped her scarf around her shoulders, took a deep breath, and kept walking.

Monica walked all night with no luck. Finally, at about 12:00 she decided she needed to take a break and rest. So, she grabbed a bunch of leaves for a bed. She dumped them all on the spongy forest floor underneath a wide tree. It would be able to cover her from the morning sun the next day. Monica laid down and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, Monica woke up to the sound of the wind rustling leaves. For a second, she forgot where she was. Oh yeah, the woods Monica thought. As she started walking, she saw a circle of grass that looked like the Target symbol. In the middle of it there was a gold button. Monica gasped. She had figured out the clue! But where was the burrito? Monica started pacing around. Suddenly, her foot got caught on something. It was the gold button. But how could her foot catch on something like that?

As she tried to pull it off, a big chunk of the ground that was connected to the button came out of place revealing a glass tube rising from the ground. The door slid open and Monica stepped into it. But surprisingly, the tube stayed where it was and a machine clicked on. A slit in the wall opened and a pair of goggles dropped to the floor. Monica put on the goggles and the door to the tube opened. As Monica stepped out onto the grass, everything looked different. The world was in shades of purple and blue. And there the burrito was in purple! It was in a clear plastic bag sitting in the bushes. How did Monica not notice that before? She put the goggles back in the glass tube and went over to the burrito.

The tube sank back into the ground. But Monica didn’t know that without the goggles she never would’ve discovered the burrito. As she bit into it, it truly was delicious!


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