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Qua, Snake, and Owl (Fable)

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Once there was an owl named Qua. Qua lived in a tree with twisted branches in the forest.

One day Qua was taking a walk on the bendy path near his house. He met Snake and Owl who asked Qua if they could go on a walk with him. “No way! I don’t want you guys to go with me! You are not my friends!” Snake and Owl walked off looking sad.

That night, Qua was worried about what he had said to Snake and Owl. Maybe I should go eat lunch with them tomorrow, Qua thought. He decided to do that and apologize. That way he would feel better.

The next day Qua found Owl and Snake at the park. They were eating lunch. Snake was holding a cheese sandwich. Several thick slices of cheese hung out of the bread. “Can I eat with you?” Qua asked. “Nope,” said Snake. “You didn’t walk with us so we don’t want to eat lunch with you.”

Qua walked to another lunch table and ate his lunch alone over there. He felt sad. He really wanted to eat lunch with Snake and Owl even if he was a little mean when he first met them. Qua decided he had to go talk to Snake and Owl right then.

Qua walked up to them and said “I am sorry I was so mean before. I really want to eat lunch with you. You guys are actually really nice. Can I eat with you?” “Sure! But next time try to be nicer from the start. That will impact how people see you in the future. Also, there is no reason to be mean. You can eat with us. We will make good friends even though we weren’t sure about it from the start,” Snake responded. “By the way what are your hobbies?” Qua asked. “Swimming,” said Snake. “Flying,” said Owl. So, Qua brought his lunch over and they ate together!


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