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Patty in Candy World

Updated: May 23, 2023

“Mom!” Patty Pinto called, “I am going to go explore outside!” Patty slipped on her coat, shoved on her shoes, and ran onto the frozen grass. Wind whistled past her.

Suddenly, a thunk made Patty whirl around. She gasped. A twisting taffy ladder leaned against the side of her house. Patty walked over to it. Her heart beat with excitement. The ladder sparkled in the sunlight. As she touched the side of it, her hand tingled.

Patty started to walk up the ladder. Once she got to the top, she gasped. She was in a different world! Candy was everywhere. Her feet crunched under the chocolatey ground. There were pancakes covered with chocolate in piles. White cotton candy clouds towered above Patty’s head. Creamy hot chocolate flowed in lakes.

Patty looked ahead towards the sinking sun. It was beautiful! Something sparkled in the sunlight. Huh? Patty thought. What is that? As Patty walked closer, she realized it was a rainbow bridge. The colors shined brightly at Patty’s face. She had to squint to look at it. Beneath it, a deep pit of candy stood. Patty decided to walk across the bridge, though she was afraid of heights.

As she took her first step, Patty squeezed her eyes shut. It was solid. She took another step. Suddenly, her foot started sinking! “Ahh!” Patty screamed. Her eyes flew open. The bridge was disappearing! Panic sizzled through Patty’s body. She tried to grab the edge but missed. Patty fell towards the pit. “No!” she cried!

She had to do something to stop her fall! Anything! Patty threw off her winter coat. She dropped it into the pit. It stayed at the top. “Good – ahh!” she yelled.

Patty was aiming for the winter coat. But just like that, she missed. As she plunged into the candy, she couldn’t breathe. Patty was hoping that the only way to get out wasn’t to eat all the candy. The tips of her shoes scratched the bottom of the pit. Patty started to panic. Her breath became shallower and shallower. She had to think fast!

All she saw was candy and more candy and more candy and the dark walls of the pit. What could she do with that? Wait. The walls? Patty had an idea.

She slowly made her way to one of them. It was like a rock wall. There were sticky rocks jutting out of one bigger rock. There were perfect footholds and hand sockets for easy climbing. Patty considered it. It was time to climb!

As she scaled the wall, she became happier and happier! She was going to get to the top! As she climbed and climbed and climbed the many yards up, she was so joyful that she wasn’t stuck in the dark staring at all the candy in the pit. Patty ran home!


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