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Mae and the Invention

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

It all started with a small pull back car called the Gear Racer. In the Gear Racer there were gears in the middle of two wooden planks. Connected to one of the gears was little tail rising into the air. It had rubber bands attached to it. The rubber bands stretched to a board sticking out of the car. The bands looped around the board.

A girl named Kathleen was the girl of sizes. She could turn things small and big. Kathleen accidentally turned the small Gear Racer into a huge Gear Racer. A couple named Sam and Mae Lace bought it.

The people that Sam and Mae bought the car from told them that the only way to make the Gear Racer move was to push the little tail up. Kathleen's magic also installed a steering wheel. So, for months Sam and Mae had to alternate between pushing and steering. Until one day after eating her bread and cheese for dinner, Mae thought of an idea.

She worked on it all night. The idea was that if you stomp on a piece of wood, it moves something which lifts the tail. Mae called her invention The Pedal. Eventually, pedals became a regular thing in every car and people made different types of them.

But it was all inspired by Mae.


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