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Carmen pressed the numbers of her passcode on her phone. She clicked onto Messages and started to text her best friend Suzi. But there was a catch… Carmen couldn’t text in real words.

Carmen and Suzi had a secret language in which their enemy -- Lulu -- had to have the name of Bean. It was crucial to Carmen and Suzi’s life in middle school.

Carmen’s phone got stolen a lot (Lulu spied on her once, and figured out her passcode) and Lulu sometimes snatched up the notes they were passing in class.

Suddenly, Lulu’s voice echoed behind Carmen. “Hey! What’s up?” She was standing next to her locker across the hall. Not again.

Before Carmen could react, Lulu flipped the phone out of her hand like a pancake. It landed with a crack on the hard tile floor.

“Oops, sorry,” Lulu sneered “Let’s see if it still works.” Lulu pressed the home button on the phone, and Carmen saw the screen light up. She typed in the passcode and Messages filled the screen. “Hmm. It says ‘Hi Suzi! Bean was being mean to me again!’ Who’s Bean?” Lulu inquired as she looked up at Carmen.

Thank goodness for their secret language. At Lulu’s moment of weakness, Carmen grabbed the phone from her and took off down Booker Middle School’s long halls.

She squeezed through all the students rushing to their classes. Carmen fumbled in her backpack for her black hat. She slid it over her head so that it half covered her eyes. Carmen slipped her phone into the back pocket of her sparkly green backpack and zipped it up.

She looked back to the crowd, but Lulu was nowhere to be seen. Carmen slowed down a little and walked into Ms. Hanson’s history class.

She pulled off her hat and slid it into her backpack. “Hi Ms. Hanson!” Carmen called! “Hi Carmen!” Ms. Hanson replied. Even though Carmen had been cheerful when she walked in the door, history class was sooo boring! Suzi walked in next, and gave Carmen a look of understanding. Carmen let out a deep sigh.

After class started and Ms. Hanson was droning on and on about WWII, Carmen ripped out a corner of a page in her notebook and started scribbling a message onto it. It read:

Meet me at the library

at 4:00 today.

P.S. Bean stole my phone this

morning but I got it back.

Just FYI.

Once Carmen added the finishing touches to the note and scrawled on her signature, she held her pencil over the edge of her desk and purposefully dropped it. As Carmen scrambled toward it, she crumpled the corner of notebook paper into a ball and threw it toward Suzi’s desk behind her. Then Carmen returned to her seat before Ms. Hanson noticed. This was the art of passing notes.

Suzi dragged the note across the floor toward her desk with her foot and picked it up. Carmen saw her reading it. Yes! Carmen mentally yelled as Suzi flashed a thumbs up!

At the end of the day, Carmen realized that she had to avoid Lulu to get out of school too. “Ugh,” she groaned. This Lulu was ruining her life. Carmen thought the best course of action was to wait until the school filtered out because Lulu would probably leave with her friends or something.

Carmen stood outside her classroom until the school emptied. When it did, she walked down to her locker and grabbed her backpack. Suddenly, she heard the sound of high – heeled shoes clicking on the stairs behind her. Carmen glanced back. “Lulu!” she gasped. Luckily, Lulu didn’t notice Carmen because she was to busy fanning her nails.

Carmen gripped her backpack so hard that her hands began sweating. She pulled it over her shoulder as quietly as she could, and began running as fast as her legs could carry her down the hall.

The double doors came into view and they were so close. She could make it! With a final grunt, Carmen pushed open the doors and stumbled outside into the hot sun.

* * *

The smell of books filled the air as Carmen walked into the library. She looked around for a table and spotted one near the door. Perfect! Carmen thought. She laid her purse on the side of her and pulled out a cheese sandwich wrapped in plastic wrap. She began to eat it right when Suzi walked in. Carmen checked her watch. 4:00 sharp!

“Hey!” gasped Suzi, “I ran the whole way here! What did you want to talk about?”

“I just wanted to ask you about Lulu. We can’t keep doing this anymore. Lulu can’t keep being mean,” Carmen said.

“I can relate to that,” Suzi said angrily, “Today when I was leaving for school, my phone wasn’t in my locker where I had left it! I hunted Lulu down, and she had it! Somehow she learned my locker combination! Since Mr. Pintrowski’s class was the closest, I went and told him about it but he said he didn’t believe me!”

“How about we give bait?” Carmen asked, “We put my phone in your locker, put a note on the door that says that my phone is in your locker, hide behind the flower pot next to your locker, and video her taking your phone because of the bait? Then we can show it to Mr. Pintrowski or someone else and prove that we’re right?”

“And all tomorrow?” Suzi asked. “All tomorrow,” Carmen replied, taking a bite out of her cheese sandwich.

The next day in the morning Carmen taped a note to Suzi’s locker that said:

Suzi –

I put my phone in your

locker! I know you’ll take good

care of it!

- Carmen

and put her phone on the top shelf in Suzi’s locker (Carmen knew Suzi’s locker combination and Suzi knew hers.) Then she hurried off to class.

When it was time to pack up and go home, Carmen and Suzi hid behind the flower pot. It was dusty and squished back there but it was the perfect place to finish their mission once and for all!

Carmen’s mind was drifting off to spies, when suddenly it snapped back to attention. Lulu was squeezing through the crowd towards Suzi’s locker! “Quick! get out your phone so we can video her!” Carmen whispered. Suzi turned on her phone and clicked onto camera. She pressed RECORD just as Lulu came over.

“Hmmm,” Lulu said to the note, “Interesting.” She ripped it up, crumpled it into a ball, and threw it at the trash can. It bounced at the side and slid across the floor, but Lulu didn’t bother to pick it up. Carmen saw her fumbling with the locker lock until the locker successfully opened (which was a few seconds) and creak the door open. She grabbed the phone out of it and hurried away. Suzi clicked STOP RECORDING. “Now we have to get that phone!” Carmen and Suzi said together.

They ran down the hall and skidded at a corner. “Lulu, straight ahead!” Suzi said. Carmen ran as fast as she could, and she could see Suzi close behind her. “Aargh!” she yelled as she jumped at the phone. This time it flipped like a pancake out of Lulu’s hand… and into Carmen’s. “Yes!” she whispered, “Got it!”

“Ha, ha! Look at that pouty baby! She needs her phone so she can call Mommy and Daddy!” Lulu sneered. Suddenly, rage fueled up inside Carmen. Now she had to get back at Lulu more than anything.

“Hey Lulu? Want us to tell the teacher about you stealing?” Carmen yelled.

“Not really,” Lulu said rudely.

“Well, too bad, because we will.” Carmen shouted.

“Oh, yeah? The teacher won’t believe you,” Lulu said calmly.

“Oh, yes he will! Because we have evidence!”

“No you don’t!”

“Yes we do!” Carmen screamed!

“Watch this! Suzi, get it rolling!”

Suzi pressed the play button on the video of Lulu stealing the phone. After the video finished playing, Carmen looked over and saw Lulu’s mouth hanging open. “When did you take this?” she asked.

“Suzi and I took it today. We were hiding behind the flower pot next to Suzi’s locker. And if you are ever mean to us, we will show it to a teacher. There is no way we are ever letting you get ahold to our phones again. Understood?”

“Okay, okay. I will be nice to you… I guess,” Lulu stammered, “Just whatever you do, don't tell a teacher!”

“Okay, but you have to be nice to us!” Carmen said.

“Sure, sure. Goodbye,” Lulu waved them off.

“Let’s go,” Suzi said.

A feeling of accomplishment washed over Carmen. “Mission accomplished!” she said.

They had finally fought off the bully that kept stealing their phones!


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