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Amelia and the Lost Sword

Sunrays slanted between tall trees. The air was damp and smelled of wet earth. Amelia Hills was lost in the Great Forest. It was the biggest forest in Seaside Cliff. Amelia was getting hungry. She had been lost since 5 in the morning and it was already noon. She pulled a sandwich out of her backpack. The way Amelia put it, ‘an adventurer should always be prepared.’

To her it seemed like she was reading a book. She was trapped staring at a page waiting to see what would happen next and she couldn’t lift her eyes from it. Except this was real life.

The trees’ twisted branches pointed one way and another and Amelia didn’t know where to go. She couldn’t find a path anywhere. It was just trees and more trees and more trees! Amelia sighed. She sat down on a tree branch to eat the rest of her lunch.

She wished so much that she could go home and eat lunch there. She could watch a movie with her brother and sister and eat popcorn—a rustling sound startled Amelia. It was coming from the bushes behind her. She jumped off the tree branch and grabbed a stick. Amelia gasped as the rustling sound grew louder. Her heart beat so loud she was sure it would pop out of her chest. Something emerged from the leaves. Amelia screamed.

She stepped backward as a huge gooey creature stepped toward her. It’s body looked like jelly. But surprisingly, the creature walked right past Amelia. Still, she was shaking up.

By now, the sun was setting and the moon was rising. Amelia thought that she should go to bed. She was so tired even though it was barely her bedtime. She was in the forest and there would be plenty of new challenges tomorrow.

Amelia started gathering leaves for her bed. She dumped them all under a wide tree. It would be able to cover her from the morning sun the next day. Amelia laid down and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, Amelia came across a bridge. Water gleamed underneath it. Amelia walked to the railing of the bridge. It was so pretty. Wind whistled past her. Suddenly, a big gust of wind made Amelia grip the railing.

Another big gust came and she flipped over the edge. As she splashed underwater, the water was freezing! She was running out of oxygen so she swam to the surface. Amelia gasped as she was pulled back under. Suddenly, she saw something gleaming ahead of her. She swam forward and saw a sword.

Amelia pulled it out of the ground. It had a golden handle and she could see herself in the blade. Amelia’s lungs felt like they were about to pop. She pushed herself up to the surface.

When she did, she saw some writing engraved on the handle of the sword. It said 'The Lost Sword.’


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